Located in Thorne Bay on the beautiful Prince of Wales Island of Southeast Alaska.

We offer beautiful log cabin lodge rentals and all the things you need to fish, hunt and explore the island and her waters.

Why McFarland's?


Hard to beat value of an Alaskan Vacation. There's a reason why our same guests have been repeating their stays annually for the last 20 years. Typical vacations can be had at over 1/3 the price of a guided vacation. 


A quick 2 hour Plane ride from Seattle followed by a 25 minute FloatPlane Ride gets you on our dock for immediate access to all Southeast Alaska has to offer. 


There is no sharing your space or equipment when you are at McFarlands Lodge.

Your very own Cabin and place to escape! 

A boat just for you and you decide where you want to go!


Our protected and typically calm waters can be an easy introduction to Alaska & it's bounty for all family members.